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We take a genuine interest in every person seeking representation for their personal injury. Our lawyers are well versed in all aspects of personal injury law and are committed to exceeding the expectations of all clients. Acquire the high-quality representation you deserve by contacting the team at Sword & Broyles Attorneys at Law. 

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Don’t Accept the Consequences of Your Personal Injury

  • Trust our proven record in negotiating settlements and achieving positive results during trials. Rest assured, we always put you and your best interests ahead of anything else.
  • We have more than 60 years of experience in filing personal injury claims. Whether you were injured in a car wreck or workplace incident, hire us to fight on your side.
  • Depend on our personal injury attorneys to take on the insurance companies. We’ll argue your case and battle to get the compensation you truly deserve.
  • Are unsure if you’d be awarded compensation? Arrange a free consultation to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer; there’s absolutely no risk in talking to our attorneys.
  • If you decide to file a claim, know that we’ll be there every step of the way. Whether it’s a negotiation or trial, our personal injury attorneys use all our knowledge, skill, and expertise to battle for a fair outcome.

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